Apple launches new iOS 12.2 beta with new Animojis and more security

Apple released yet another trial version of iOS 12.2, still focused on developers. The new features of this release include new Animojis and limitations for webapps to use iPhone sensors, which can limit the augmented reality functions in Safari, as well as ensure greater control over the data collected from users.


First, the Animojis. In all four new figures that will be present in iPhone models that have front camera with depth sensor (iPhone X, XR, XS and XS Max, in addition to the new iPad Pro). The additions are made by a boar, a giraffe, a shark and an owl, and all new animations have responses to expressions that are captured by the cameras of the devices.

The fake 5G came to the iPhone
Another change noted by users is in the presence of the AT & T 5G connection logo, which is actually a 4G improvement and is far from 5G in fact. At the beginning of the year the indication appeared for some Android devices and displayed the name 5G E, even without the device could talk to the new networks – even the iPhone can not.

The letter E that appears next to the name 5G is the AT & T brand to, it says, prepare consumers for the next generation, even fooling the subscriber by saying he has already moved on to the next step. According to US media, the speed of data transmission on this connection is exactly the same as the carrier sold under the name of LTE, which is our 4G under another name.

Safari with less access to sensors
Finally, a change is in the access of webapps that run on iOS and that use sensors of position of the device. From this version of operating system tests, the web-based application will not be able to automatically find the device’s accelerometer and gyro data.

It is still possible to release access by entering settings for each device that is with the new iOS. The change affects sites that use this form of application to, for example, deliver some augmented reality or virtual experience to users of the Apple platform.

IOS 12.2 is in its second beta and there is still no release information on the stable version for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

More info : 9to5Mac

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