Google Chrome tests dark mode in beta for Android

Google seems to want to bring the dark mode to all versions of Chrome. While testing the dark interface on Windows and the Mac, the company makes changes to provide the same for users of the browser on Android.

According to 9to5Google, Chrome 73 beta shows signs that Google is already working on these changes, albeit only partially. The browser displays the new interface in some areas, but in others it still shows the old look.

You can notice dark mode signs in the windows that appear when you touch and hold images and links. They have a gray background and change the text color to white. The windows look is changed in both conventional and anonymous modes.

Despite this, the link at the top of these windows still appears black, which makes it difficult to read and indicates that Google is making adjustments before releasing the option. It still has other incomplete areas, such as the upper bar that, even in dark mode, still has a clear background.

The new Chrome solution can be noticed on the Android 9 Pie when the dark Android mode is enabled. We still do not know if the solution will actually be released, but that’s likely to happen because of Google’s effort to release something of the kind in apps like YouTube.

More Detail : 9to5google

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