Google Drive decides to release Smart Search to all users

In July of last year, Google added a new feature to Google Drive for the web interface and limited to the corporate edition of G Suite: Smart Search. Now the search giant plans to release the role to all users soon.

The experience is to go to the “Search drive” field. Until then, the action opens a panel with file types and a shortcut to “More search tools. With the function, the web surfer will have three or more “suggested search queries”. See the before and after in the following images:

Among the news, you can select one of the collaborators shown, to see the files that the two edited together. As the tool uses machine learning capabilities, the tendency is for the results to improve over time in order to suggest files without having to remember a specific title or keyword.

Smart Search began to be available to some users as of Monday (25). The trend is that it will gradually reach all those who have the application installed.

Did you like the Intelligent Search to be released soon to all users? Join us!

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