Google releases new white Gmail interface for everyone on Android

Google is distributing the new Gmail interface to Android users through a Play Store update. It gained a more streamlined look on mobile phones and tablets, and got much whiter without offering a night mode. The iPhone application will be contemplated soon.

Yes, Gmail for Android is very white. There are no more gray lines separating the emails in the inbox; and the red top bar has been replaced by a white search field. Is Google preparing a dark mode for him?

The redesign took care of keeping almost everything in place. That is, the changes are small – and, perhaps for this very reason, remarkable. The button to switch between different email accounts (personal and work, for example) is now in the upper right corner of the screen.

The app has gained new icons and now uses the Google Product Sans font, but is basically the same as before. For example, you can still slide messages to archive them, or configure actions such as delete, mark as read / unread, and postpone.

Gmail has standard density, comfortable and compact
Gmail offers three viewing modes: “standard,” “comfortable,” or “compact.” It’s basically the same as you find in the web version.

The default density is one of the novelties: it shows if the email has attachments, and allows you to access them directly without opening the message. This works with images, PDF files, Microsoft Office documents, links to Google Docs, and more. It’s something brought from Inbox, which Google will close in March.

The comfortable mode is the same as the old Gmail for Android. Meanwhile, the compact mode hides the profile images and the preview of the message, showing only the sender and title of the email.

What do you think about the new Gmail for Android?

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