How to get the lag from PUBG Mobile on a weak PC (Android emulator)

Just how to download and install and also play PUBG Mobile on COMPUTER
It’s important to configure PUBG Mobile and also BlueStacks to take the lag and make it usable.

Tencent Gamings/ PUBG Mobile/ how to take the lag from pubg mobile
Exactly how to set up BlueStacks as well as take the lag
BlueStacks, software that works as an Android emulator, runs any kind of type of Google’s mobile system software on computers, making it easy for programmers as well as users that can use it to run applications and games.

The software program works as a virtual equipment as well as consumes substantial computer resources. When combined with a video game that is normally heavy, also for costs mobiles, one can expect slowness. You can make modifications to the game and to BlueStacks, so that both take in less sources.

  1. Setting up PUBG Mobile
BlueStacks/ PUBG Mobile/ exactly how to take the lag from pubg mobile

When you open PUBG Mobile for the first time, the game will certainly offer you three graphics quality options. Choose Medium, however we’ll change this in the integrated food selection;
Click the gear icon for PUBG Mobile in the lower best corner;
Click the Video food selection;
In the Graphics sub-menu, leave Balanced or Soft;
In Framework Price, hold High, and minimize to Medium only if all modifications are not enough to lower lag.
At a structure price listed below Tool, the Mobile Video game hangs;
Under Auto-adjust graphics, end;
Restart the game.

  1. Setting Up BlueStacks
BlueStacks/ PUBG Mobile/ exactly how to take the lag from pubg mobile

The next action is to configure BlueStacks to ensure that it does not consume a lot of attributes.

Click the BlueStacks gear icon in the top right corner;
Under Preview, choose the resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels;
Under Engine, select OpenGL;
In CPU Cores, utilize half the total cores of your processor. If it is a quad-core, pick 2; if it is a dual-core, choose 1, and so forth;
Under Memory (MEGABYTES), utilize half the total RAM. If you have 8 GB, move the cursor to 4096 MB; if 4GB, relocate to 2048MB, and so on;
Click Restart now.
After these changes, both BlueStacks and also PUBG Mobile will run consuming less attributes, permitting the video game to run on a weak COMPUTER without lag.

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