How to know the health status of your Android battery and how you can lose capacity

Today we will explain how to know the health status of your Android battery and how you can lose capacity. With the passage of time, the battery of your mobile phone may begin to degrade and lose capacity, something we will not be able to do anything about except monitor your health in case at some point, after several years, you have to change it.

The article is going to start explaining how mobile batteries lose capacity. Next, we will continue explaining how to use an application called CPU-Z to easily check the physical health of the battery, and so you can check it every so often.

How batteries lose capacity

Each time you charge when the mobile battery is below 70%, a charging cycle begins. This means that, if we load the mobile phone on a daily basis, we are doing around 360 cycles a year. And why do these cycles matter? Well because according to the reports of analysts specialized in lithium ion batteries, from the fork of 300 to 500 cycles begins to degrade the performance of the battery and the energy begins to reduce.

This means that approximately from the first year of use of your mobile, your battery may have less and less useful capacity. This in turn makes the load cycle faster because it has to be charged more, which in turn has the consequence that the degradation of the battery starts to accelerate.

However, this type of effects can be very different for each device, since the capacities of the batteries and their construction can be different, and the use of the terminal can vary greatly depending on each person. That’s why you can not take these figures as a categorical truth, although they are a good starting point that serves as a reference.

The worst thing about this whole thing is that, to this day, there is not much we can do to avoid losing capacity and autonomy with every hundred cycles. And when the battery deteriorates too much, the only thing we can do is change it to the mobile phone or directly look at a new one. Even so, as we will see below, at least we can control the health of the battery with a simple application.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that manufacturers have already thought about how to avoid damaging batteries with conventional uses. For this reason, for example, they have systems that turn off the phone before the battery level reaches zero, and others that make when you leave charging the phone at night, once it reaches 100% its circuits do not let more current pass towards the battery.

How to monitor the health of your battery

Now we will explain to you how you can know at all times what is the state of your battery’s health. To do this, we are going to use an application that is well known to most advanced users, which is called CPU-Z. Search it on Google Play or install it directly from THIS LINK. Once you have installed it, open it to continue.

Once you open the application, you will see that everything is very simple, and you will simply have a top row with several sections and all the information of your mobile related to each section in the rest of the screen. Now that the application is open, click on the Battery category that appears in fourth place, just after System.


Once in Battery, you have to look at what it puts you in the Health entry. If you put Good, it means that you consider that the mobile battery seems to be fine according to the manufacturer’s terms. This does not mean that this will always last you the maximum of its capacity, since in the consumption they influence other elements besides the state of the battery, like the installed applications and in execution, possible errors in these or the own operative system.


What CPU-Z means when it says that the health of the battery is good is to reflect that the number of complete cycles of charging that your phone has not yet exceeded the maximum amount stipulated by the manufacturer, so the autonomy of the smartphone It should not be reduced significantly. When you exceed that maximum number of charge cycles, the degradation of the battery will cause that the autonomy is affected clearly, and the state of the battery indicated by CPU-Z will change.

In the Android application store you can find many applications that promise to improve battery optimization. Avoid these applications whenever you can, because most are left to offer more aggressive battery saving modes, something that is already included as standard in many smartphones. Do not waste time with them, because they will not improve the quality of your battery.

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