How to turn Facebook face recognition off

Facebook has warned users that “we’re adding more ways to use facial recognition than just to suggest tags.” It’s a broader implementation of what the social network had shown when it announced that it would warn if someone posted a photo of you (even without tagging you) and would prevent fake profiles from using your profile photo. But the use of this technology has grown.


This facial recognition is enabled by default for all users, except in Canada and the European Union, where Facebook was forced by justice to disable the function for privacy reasons. You might not want this to be one more thing Facebook knows about you – and you’d rather turn face recognition off.

With the configuration being released, the social network offered a page to disable it.

How to turn Facebook face recognition off

  1. On the computer, click Settings; On Android and iPhone (iOS), go to Account Settings;
  2. Search for Facial Recognition or Face Recognition Settings; If you can not find it, go straight to the
  3. In “Do you want Facebook to recognize you in photos and videos?” …
  4. Choose “No”;


In doing so, Facebook’s facial recognition feature has been disabled. Now, the social network will not suggest that people mark you in photos, nor will they tell you when to use your photo, but not to mark you.

Facebook further explains the facial recognition feature on this page.

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