Instagram denies limiting posts reach to 7% of followers

Instagram has become the target of criticism about the reach of publications when they are already in the feed. According to some rumors, the social network limits exposure to only 7% of its followers. The rumor became so popular that the company used their Twitter account to say there is no cut in the distribution of content.

According to the statement, Instagram prioritizes the photos and videos of people you interact with most often. On the other hand, some complaints about the timeline order were brushed aside and were not explained, such as the organization of publications that did not respect chronological order.

The explanation makes it clear that if the user only posts something, but does not have great interaction with other users, the posting will be delivered to a smaller number of people. This type of cleaning is common on social networks and can be a solution for companies that use the photo-sharing app exaggeratedly by publishing many photos and videos in a short time.

If you believe you’re seeing fewer posts from some accounts that follow, the social networking’s own tip is to roll the feed to the point where these accounts begin to appear – this can take time and require patience, but it works.

credit : businessinsider

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