VLC 4.0 comes in and promises completely revamped interface

Compatible with several formats and full of features, VLC stands out as one of the most renowned video players on the market. Such prominence made him register the mark of 3 billion downloads at the beginning of the year. It will not stop there: VLC 4.0 is already underway and, among its new features, will bring a completely redesigned interface.

VLC lacks popularity because it is lightweight, supports multiple media formats and streaming, can be configured in a variety of ways, is free, open source, and present on all major platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

At the beginning of the month, the VLC project completed 18 years of existence. The problem is that, since then, the desktop version interface has changed little. Not that this is a serious problem. But a modern interface, beyond the aesthetic appeal, can significantly improve the user experience, provided it is well implemented.


During the FOSDEM 2019 event on free software that was held last week, VLC creator Jean-Baptiste Kempf covered several details of the next major update of the player. Some images of the new interface were displayed in the presentation (the slides are here, in PDF).

Kempf made it clear that none of the changes are definitive – much can be tweaked until the final version of VLC 4.0. But based on the released images, you can notice an effort to leave the player with a cleaner and intuitive look. In this sense, we can also note some transparency effects and more centralized controls, for example.

If implemented, the changes will mainly apply to desktops (especially Windows 10), but mobile apps will also be reworked.

In addition to a more modern interface, VLC 4.0 (codenamed Otto Chriek) must bring support for virtual reality, 3D videos and standards such as HEIF, WebM and AV1. Compatibility with Apple AirPlay and enhanced support for Chromecast are also in the plans.

There is still no official release date for VLC 4.0, but it is already possible to access its nightlies versions. Note, however, that they do not yet have the new interface.

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